2019 Strategic Grants: in the CARE of our territories

03 October 2019

Between August 18th and 23rd , we met in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with 18 women's organizations from different territories of Latin America. We exchanged experiences and learnings together with the organizations that have been supported through these grants in the last 8 months and the organizations who are beginning their projects for the defense and protection of their territories and rights.

Strategic Grants are an Urgent Action Fund initiative of the Women and Territories Program so that women's organizations involved in defending territory, nature and women's rights can structure or strengthen their communication, advocacy, or protection strategies.

During these six days, 43 women defenders of land and territory experienced a safe and trustworthy environment for sharing their experiences of resistance from their territories, as well as their hopes and strengths and desire to build other possible worlds, where the life and dignity of women and the earth are respected. From a variety of Latin American identities, we shared wisdom and stories that resonated to the very core of our being, constituting part of the same resistance. We discussed the different ways in which care is understood and the daily practices associated with it. We learned from each other and created a support network that connects us despite the distances.

Partnership and protective sharing among women create irrevocable strengths and joys in the midst of harsh contexts and experiences, confronted on a daily basis by women human rights defenders in various countries of the region. Our meeting was woven together by the hands of each, creating an environment for healing and joy. We recharged energies, motivations, and strengths in order to raise our collective voice for water, forests and common goods, recognizing the struggle for the defense and protection of territory goes beyond us. It is a responsibility and a sacred gift to mother earth and to future generations.

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