Rapid Response Grants - RRGs are a unique, flexible, and short-term financing model created by the Urgent Action Fund to provide timely and strategic support for actions that:

Respond to situations of risk or threats that impact the security of women activists and defenders, their collectives, or organizations.

Take advantage of opportunities to advance or deter setbacks to the rights of a diversity of women.

UAF-LAC receives requests

365 days

a year

using an system that is safe and easy to use

online application


Register your collective
or organization
in our online
If your organization is
already registered, log-in
using your previously
assigned username
and password.

Enter SIGUEME and
make your request by
going to the side menu
and clicking on “make a
request.” Don’t forget to
fully complete the form.

Follow up on your
request in SIGUEME:
You have 15 days
to edit your request
in the system.

If the request is
approved, you must
fill out your bank
information in SIGUEME.
Be careful filling out this
information, errors can
result in transfer costs
and delays!

After executing the
resources, you must
send a financial
and narrative report
on activities using
SIGUEME. Remember,
these will be taken
into account for future
requests from your

Types of Grants

Protection and Security Grants

We support actions for the protection of a diversity of women activists and their organizations when they are at risk or under threat due to their efforts to defend Human Rights, territory, or the environment.

These grants can have a duration of three to six months and a 5,000 USD maximum amount.


We support actions that respond to strategic opportunities to defend and promote women's and LBTIQ+ rights, making it possible to establish legal precedent, influence policies, and/or promote changes in social or cultural practices.

Opportunity grants can fall in the framework of any topic related to women's rights, gender, racial, or environmental justice.



These grants can have a duration of three to six months and a 5,000 USD maximum amount.


The action must be implemented by civil society organizations representing a diversity of women (including trans women*) or mixed gender organizations led by women.

The action must be urgent and must be an immediate intervention that:
• Responds to an unexpected (unplanned) situation, an attack against the integrity or life of women defenders, or a threat against women's rights.
• Takes advantage of a window opportunity to defend and promote women's rights.

The action must be strategic: it looks to advance the women's rights and justice agenda and contributes to medium or long term structural changes.

The action must be sustainable: applicant organizations must have the capacity (political and financial) to carry out future work based on the action's results.

The organization is recognized by networks and groups associated with UAF-LAC: applicant organizations must be recognized by other organizations that work for women's human rights on a national or regional level.

What activities are NOT financed by UAF-LAC?

• Requests from organizations led and directed solely by men.

• Requests from individuals who do not belong to an organization or support network.

Individual participation in conferences, workshops, or events.

Individual educational or internship scholarships.

Humanitarian actions such as the provision of food, clothes, or medicine.

Capital expenses, for example, vehicles, computers, furniture, or office expenses.

• Financing for productive, development, or income- generation projects.

Agendas of partisan political, or religious groups.

Expenses for the annual operational budget and/or financing for projects already underway (bridge financing).

Co-financing for government projects (municipal, departmental/provincial, or national).

Health costs that aren't directly related to the Urgent Action.

All requests must complete the entire process, nevertheless, UAF-LAC can prioritize support according to its programmatic areas, thematic priorities, and budgetary limitations.

If your request does not fit into the actions financed by UAF-LAC, learn about other organizations and funds that can help you HERE!


Build, learn, and transform collectively

At UAF-LAC we have a systematization process for the diverse grants awarded in different areas. This is a way to generate knowledge and strengthen capacities together with the Latin American activists and organizations we have supported. We invite you to learn about the results of this work…

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