Women and


In 2013 we created the Women, Territory, and the Environment Collaborative Initiative (Iniciativa Colaborativa Mujeres, Territorio y Medio Ambiente) as a UAF-LAC response to the increase in Rapid Response Grant requests from women defenders of territory, nature, and environmental rights in the region.  

Our objective is to foster spaces where women activists and defenders can come together. We are currently promoting coordination between over 30 organizations in 13 countries in the region for the defense and care of territory, political action, social mobilization, and advocacy, in addition to the individual and collective protection of women and their communities.

We began the new strategic grants financing method in 2016. Our objective is to support strategic communications, advocacy, and protection initiatives that are innovative and require longer-term planning.  



Build, learn, and transform collectively

With the aim of strengthening and making visible women's struggle, we develop materials that reflect their voices and experiences, echo their complaints through joint statements, and document in regional reports the context of the extractive model and the situation of women defenders of territory.

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