International community emergency call for Colombia

15 July 2019

On June 6th, 2019, the campaign: “Comunidad internacional en alerta por una Colombia en paz” (“International community – emergency call for a Colombia in peace”) was LAUNCHED in Bogotá. The initiative is promoted by the 29 organizations who make up the Espacio de Cooperation para la Paz (Space of Peace Cooperation), which coordinates International Cooperation strategies to build a stable and lasting peace in Colombia.

UAF-LAC is part of the Space and has joined the campaign, which looks to influence the United States, European, and Latin American governments, in addition to bodies of the European Union (EU), Organization of American States (OAS), and the United Nations to ensure they continue their efforts in favor of an observance of International Humanitarian Law and respect for human life and organizations who work for peace and human rights. The aim is to ensure that the Colombian Government complies with the Peace Agreement signed with the FARC-EP and resumes the peace talks with the ELN.

Through November of this year, there will be an active campaign using messages, detailed information on the Peace Agreement's advances and setbacks, public acts of solidarity, informational newsletters, and a promotion of conversations on social media.

Click HERE for the official press release: (English version)

We invite you to join us! Share the content on your social media networks and create your own messages using the hashtag #PorUnaColombiaEnPaz (For a Colombia in Peace). Please include the campaigns official account @EspacioPazenCol

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