Politics of care: a transformative practice in social movements and philanthropy #CareIsPolitical

21 September 2018


Why is it important to reflect on the struggles one identifies with and with the feelings one relates to those struggles? Were the starting questions posed by UAF-Latin America and FRIDA| The Young Feminist Fund placed at the center of the EDGE conference 2018 the politics of care.

This mini-plenary was an invitation to reflect on the dimensions of care at the individual, collective and organizational level from an intergenerational perspective and diverse cultural experiences. The aim was to broaden the understanding of an obliterated issue within philanthropy and funding social transformation: how we care for ourselves and others.

On April 17th, both feminist funds reminded progressive donors that safety and wellbeing are key elements in sustaining activists and movements. And that as committed funders to social justice and system change we need to revise our approaches and practices of care with those we support, with as much as urgency as we need to revise practices of care within our own institutions. Caring practices are deeply political as they reflect how we define risk and the relationship between power and protection.

Together, UAF-LA and FRIDA shared some internal practices and methodologies that have begun a transformation of care within their organizations, and their communities. Although, of course, this is an ongoing learning process.

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“Self and collective care are political strategies of resistance that help us becoming more resilient and to better respond to the threatens, violence and discrimination we face” FRIDA Fund

“System change could only be possible if CARE is at the CENTER of organizations and societal relations” UAF-LA

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